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After 14 years, I’ve finally closed my Ltd company, Coast Design. Along the way, I’ve learned to do so much but very rarely do I get the chance to document my learning or even demonstrate it on a project of my own.

Recently I’ve passed many of my clients onto various contacts who I know can take on the different elements of web design and digital marketing.

As part of this process, I was asked what my typical approach was with my website builds so it seemed like a perfect opportunity to document my process.

My skill set is an interesting dynamic.

I’m a jack of all trades but definitely a master of none

Part marketer, part developer, I’m a jack of all trades but definitely a master of none. I find that some online documentation is too advanced for me, but similarly, I’m too advanced for those that just install wordpress and customise a theme.

I keep my integrity by designing from the ground up. I know my websites inside out and don’t like to cheat the system. This though, was the ultimate downfall of my company. I would take on projects that would allow me to learn and challenge me. But this would often have a negative impact on the profitability of projects. You can’t spend hours exploring a new technology and passing the cost along to a client.

So, now I have the time and I can document my process and learning along the way. If it helps people of a similar ilk to me, then great, if not then I’ve got a documented approach to how I do things, which will probably help me in the long term as well!

So, the first project; redesigning this website.

I’ll be sure to link these posts together and it will start with selecting some simple branding.

So, on to part one, creating a simple brand.

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Experienced digital strategist with a foundation in web development and analytics. Leads multi-disciplinary teams in content creation and digital marketing ensuring data is at the core of decision making.

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