Discovering new/old music


One of my greatest loves is finding new music but when this music is old, it manages to find the strange paradigm that it strangely annoys me too.

This might seem weird but I’ll explain, along with some context.

I’ve recently discovered a few bands that have struck an instant chord with me.

I like a wide range of music but at my core, the heartfelt melodies of emo or similar genres of rock music still grab my attention more than others.

With a history of listening to bands like Brand New, Thursday and Taking Back Sunday, I’m often starved of new music to fill the void through their inactivity.

Recently though, I’ve been lucky enough to stumble upon bands like:

I have fallen in love with these bands recently and then imagine my amazement when I realise they have been active for quite a few years.

On the one hand, this is great, because there’s more than one album to divulge in. It doubles or triples the songs you can dive into and dissect.

But the flip side of this melancholy is two fold:

  1. Why didn’t I hear about them before?
  2. Shit, they’re not touring now and I need to see them live NOW!

I’m definitely not knocking it though, hopefully on the strength of these bands alone, there will be more opportunities to see them live and the feeling you get when you discover a new favourite band is amazing.

I’ve got three new ones over the past six months and I wonder who’s out there, with a few albums and are just waiting for me to discover them!

I can’t wait!

Check out my favourite albums from these artists on Apple Music here:

The Hotelier



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