Booking.yeah campaign could confuse users

Booking.yeah could cause confusion

In such a competitive market as the hotel booking industry that relies on the usability of various web services, be they apps or responsive websites, I’m finding the new campaign from Wieden + Kennedy as a bit of a strange one.

The final refrain and tagline to the advert is, Booking.yeah

New gTLDs

I thought, that with the release of the new Generic Top Level Domains such as .london and .photographer – amongst many others, I thought had been quite courageous and purchased the domain of Booking.yeah.

Is that a stupid assumption to make?

After all, there was actually a Compare the Meerkat campaign created by the BGL Group.

And there is a new gTLD which is .sucks.

It turns out there isn’t a .yeah domain and so there isn’t a website called booking.yeah but with these current movements in the industry, I find it odd that a brand so strong as would take the risk to meddle with their core strength.

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