The iPad looms

The iPad is looming but will it succeed?Hindsight is a wonderful thing, it’s so obvious now that it was always going to be called the iPad. How awful does iSlate or iTablet sound, whoever circulated those names should be ashamed.There’s no doubt that the iPad is a welcome addition to Apple’s roster of products. We all knew that they had no intention of entering the netbook market.

The big question would be Mac OSX or iPhone OS? Again, in hindsight, that’s obvious too. Why would Apple bust a gut getting Snow Leopard working on a tablet when there is no direct competition for a tablet of this nature.Snow Leopard would have bumped up the price and reduced the battery life and after living with an iPhone for the past year, these are important points.Instead, by jumping on the iPhone OS, Apple have capitalised on one of the major successes of the past few years. Apps.

The hundreds of thousands of apps are now going to be complimented with an iPad version.With more screen space to work with as well, there will be an endless stream of improvements made to the current crop of iPhone apps. Also, as the app market hots up with windows, blackberry and google; Apple look to strengthen their grip on the industry as a whole.But, will you be getting an iPad?

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