iPad2 has arrived

Coast Design was one of the first in the country to get their hands on the iPad2. The most anticipated apple release since the first iPad and it won’t be beaten until the next iPad hits in around 10 months time.

We’ve heard many a person claim that there’s no real place in society for a tablet computer of this nature, yet the original iPad was a storming success.

Yes, it is a luxury item. No it won’t replace a laptop for those serious about their hardware. We won’t be seeing Adobe Creative Suite being released on the iPad any time soon. But, think about the casual computer user.

Those that have 3 main uses for purchasing a computer of some kind

  • Email
  • Internet
  • Organising media

These 3 uses predominantly make up most people’s time on a computer device. Yes, they may say they want to write a letter but all they really do is knock up a CV every few years and for that you have google docs.

True, the google docs experience isn’t as streamlined as it is with a mouse, but it won’t be long before the line of ugly looking laptops and dust inducing PC towers will be a thing of the past.

The only problem is that without a serious contender, who is willing to drop the price in order to compete, the iPad will remain expensive but ultimately more attractively priced than a clunky looking laptop.

In fact, the people who tell Coast that iPads are a waste of time and space are probably those that want one the most.

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