The end of Viva La Vida

Having been a Coldplay fan since the first album dropped (my favourite song is still Shiver), I find it unexplainable that I haven’t graced a concert in their career to date! That was until the last date of their Viva la Vida tour at Wembley Stadium. White Lies opened the proceedings with a tight set, they absolutely nailed their sound and must have been dissappointed with so many latecomers more interested in finding their seats, than listening to the incendiary grooves of ‘Death’.They played on because they knew that the only people that mattered were the ones standing infront of them and put on a good show.Girls Aloud on the other hand looked tired, unmotivated and on the verge of splitting up. The set started great with ‘Sound of the Underground’ but they should have kept with the upbeat songs and let the music disguise their shaky vocals and lacklustre attempts of dancing. They looked like they hadn’t rehearsed in ages and it showed when some of them missed their cues. It was left to Sarah Harding to rally the crowd, but the whispers from her ‘band’ mates let them all down. Do we really want a cover of ‘I’ll Stand By You’? This is a rock gig after all!But it made Jay Z all the better! Starting off with a ‘Death of Auto-tune’ the crowd were singing from the start and they probably didn’t even know the words! He knew exactly what he was doing! Yes, this was a rock concert, so he played his rock songs! We were treated to the likes of ’99 Problems’ and ‘Numb/Encore’. It was pure hip hop at it’s best and it would prove difficult for Coldplay to beat!5 minutes before Coldplay were due to take to the stage, the heavens opened but as soon as ‘Life in Technicolour’s’ guitars were chiming out from the PA, everyone forgot about getting drenched and immersed themselves in arguably the best pop music of our generation.There were a few surprises along the way, ‘Yellow’ and ‘Fix You’ were played relatively early but then this is the Viva La Vida tour, not the X and Y tour! The newer songs stood up against the classics and proved that this was possibly their best album to date! As ‘Lovers In Japan’ echoed around the stadium, it rained again, but this time it was multicoloured butterflies! An encore of ‘The Scientist’ and ‘Life In Technicolour 2’ and everyone knew we were heading for the curfew but it took a few minutes with the lights on for the crowd to vacate.Perhaps they were still in shock!

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