My marathon diet plans

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I may have stated that getting the right trainers was one of my number one priorities for marathon preparation, but I neglected to identify the most important tool I’ll need to get round the marathon route; my own body!

It’s not just training that I will require to get around the marathon route but months of commitment to a strict diet will also need to be followed.

I’ll be planning this out over the next few weeks but I’ve been lucky enough to get a framework sent to me by one of the fittest people I know. Robbie Smythe.

The following guide was passed onto me by another marathon runner too (Robbie Hutchinson) so I know it works.

The general guide is as follows but I’ll be expanding more on the specific meals I’ll be making over the next five months too.

Porridge oats with berries
Use Almond or Soya milk (or just semi skimmed)
Chicken, potatoes and veg
Tuna and pasta
Chili and rice
Banana, yoghurt
Chicken, fish, steak
10pmGlass of milk and some dark chocolate

Check back on this blog soon and I’ll expand on these meals with the recipes that I’m making. They will all be super easy because I’m a rubbish cook!

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