Sir Mo Farah answers the challenge

Andi vs Mo Farah

After months of texts, tweets and phone calls from me, Sir Mo Farah finally decided to take up my challenge and race me over 26.2 miles next April.

BBC Sport reported the news this morning and it was a relief to me because I thought I’d be running around London on my own next April but at least I have the comfort in knowing that I’ll have a four time olympic champion breathing down my neck.

In all honesty though, I have no chance of even seeing Sir Mo and I definitely won’t be on the finish line to see the Mobot being displayed.

In April 2018 Sir Mo came third in the London Marathon in a time of 2:06:22. When you work it out using the Strava Run Calculator, that calculates at less than five minutes a mile!

According to Strava, my average pace on my last half marathon was 6:58 / mile. This is a whole 2 minutes a mile off of Sir Mo’s pace, and over half the distance.

This has kicked me into gear, from next week the training starts properly including a better diet, and more rigorous approach to running. If I can get to an average of 6 minutes per mile over a distance of 10 miles by Christmas, I’ll be well on my way to catching Sir Mo!

I’m running the marathon in aid of NSPCC so please sponsor me today

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