My top 3 missing Apple Music features

Apple Music

The three month free trial of Apple Music had come to an end for many, if, like me, you’re actually paying for the service now, there’s some new features that should be added to retain me as a paying customer.

1. Web based access to my Apple Music library

It’s great that my entire library is now available over multiple devices but I also access music whilst at work, through my work computer.

What’s missing here is a Web based version of Apple Music. iTunes in a browser.

It’s not that hard to provide a service like that and would complete my access to Apple Music and probably to Beats1 as well.

I currently sync my library to Google Play, bit now I’m using Apple Music, and those tracks have DRM protection, my Google Play library is already vastly out of date.

2. Make iTunes Match free for Apple Music subscribers

When Apple Music launched, it cast a shadow over iTunes Match.

Ok, so I’ll be paying monthly for some music and then annually to be able to access music I already own on my devices.

Come on, surely if I’m already spending over £100 on an Apple music based product, iTunes Match should be rolled into that cost? It’s a little change for the richest company in the world, but would make a difference to customer loyalty.

3.  Improved social connections

OK, so Apple Music has launched with ‘Connect’ but let’s be completely honest. Apple has time and time again, tried and failed to break into the social sphere.

Remember Ping? No? Exactly.

The premise of Connect should be fine but it has to be completely integrated with the actual social networks that the artists keep up to date regularly. It wouldn’t be hard to do and they could have pushed their proprietary ‘connect’ profiles on top of rich content posted from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Until this occurs, I can’t see me getting any benefit from a loosely based social network as Apple Music Connect.


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3 comments on “My top 3 missing Apple Music features

  1. Bob on

    Apple Music already has iTunes Match built in from what I understand. I never had match but after using Apple Music anything Apple Music didn’t have but was on my computer it uploaded to iCloud and I could access it on my iPhone. I didn’t even try to do it, it just did.

  2. Danny on

    Apple Music lets you stream music from the iTunes Store catalogue that is available for streaming. If you own music on your computer that is available for streaming, Apple Music will add that music as part of your streaming collection.

    iTunes Match allows you to upload music that is not matched and makes those files available for streaming.

    ITunes Match is the way to stream music that is not licensed for streaming by allowing you to stream your own collection on Apple’s servers. It’s not necessary if all your music is available on Apple Music. But, it is a separate service and that’s why it’s not bundled with Apple Music.


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