Product Management – buzz term or here to stay?

What makes a Product Manager?

Having recently attended the Silicon Milkroundabout at Truman Brewery last Saturday I kept hearing about being a Product Manager and companies crying out for them.

It struck me because I’d always taken the term literally to refer to tangible products but these were all tech startups in dyer need of Product Managers to help to move them forward.

After speaking to a few reps from mind the Product, I realised that Product Management was right up my street. A little further investigation on their website and they define the role as a mashup of three important factors.

  1. Business
  2. Technology
  3. UX Design

It’s such a broad title but it seems to be a real necessity in any type of startup in order to acquire important customers for whatever service these startups are providing, whether it’s gaming or app development.

Find out more at the Mind the Product website and read the article explaining the main features of this exciting new role.

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