WiiU launch – UK get ripped off again

The WiiU was announced today and although I’ve been present at every launch of every Nintendo console since the N64, I’m not too impressed with what I’ve seen so far.

Yes, it’s finally HD, it’s got a sleek design and I’m really intrigued about how the new gamepad will work.

But, I’m getting pretty sick with the UK getting ripped off again. Although the launch price in Pounds Sterling hasn’t officially been announced, popular retailers have already announced their pricing models.

There are two bundles:

  • Basic
  • Premium

The basic model has a recommended price of ¥26,250 that equates to £209. Gamestop in the US are offering the basic model for $299, which is about £185. Japan will sell the premium version for ¥31,500 or £251 and again the US will offer this version for $350 or about £216.

Imagine my disgust when Game in the UK announce their pricing models:

  • Basic UK price: £259
  • Premium UK price: £309

Why are we having to pay more for the basic model than what other countries are paying for the basic? It’s ridiculous and it’s not exactly pushing me to pre-order.

During times when Nintendo announced a loss and the UK retailer GAME are hanging on by a thread, you would think they would be doing everything possible to encourage sales, not prevent them.

Version Japan USA UK
Basic £209 £185 £259
Premium £251 £216 £309

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2 comments on “WiiU launch – UK get ripped off again

  1. james on

    I am totally disgusted that we have to pay so much , compared to our counterparts across the pond .

    It really does feel like Nintendo don’t give a shit about the UK , and if I want to buy a game , that means I would have to shell out a whooping £360 .


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