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The issue of Cookies on websites held within the EU will rise in importance in the first half of 2012. Most websites do not have a plan for the deadline of 26 May 2012 and that includes the ICO.

They are yet to advise organisations throughout the UK on how to combat this major issue that has been set in motion without much foresight into the implications.

Yes, companies do track usage of users but most of it is anonymous data. When companies do hold information about users, it tends to improve the user experience by offering personalised content.

One solution that I stumbled upon today is the Cookie Control plugin by Civic UK. It’s a simple javascript plugin that adds a pop up and icon to the bottom corner of your website. On initial uploading, the pop up will ask the user to OK the use of cookies. When clicked OK, the subtle icon situated in the bottom left of the browser window will remain green, highlighting that cookies are good.

Obviously the user needs javascript turned on in order for it to work and this solution doesn’t go so far as to turning off cookies but allowing the user to browse the site but it definitely seems like a step in the right direction.

It’s just a shame that this sort of innovation didn’t come from the body who are there to enforce the law, especially with just over three months to go, and potential fines of up to £500,ooo.

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