Banksy: Living Room Scene, Regent Lock Camden

Banksy Regent canal

The best parts of London are hidden.

Even better parts of London are temporary.

That’s what makes street art so special.

It exists in difficult to reach places and only for a finite period of time. I recently saw the latest London edition of Banksy artwork.

Lower yourself from the hustle and bustle of Camden Lock Market and walk east along Regent’s canal. After about 5 minutes you will come up against Banksy’s Living Room Scene.

It’s a simplistic chalk drawing that could have been drawn by anyone but there are little tell tale signs that are unmistakably Banksy.

It depicts a goldfish jumping from his bowl at a paradise island that appears on a television screen.

On the mantlepiece lies an Oscar.

A subtle reference to Banksy’s Oscar nomination? Or is it a blatant jibe that the world of Hollywood is fake? On TV, it may look like a paradise island, but it’s merely a fa├žade.

The fish yearns to live in paradise but should in fact be content with his every day life. The routine of life in a fish bowl.

Maybe it tells us that although it may appear that the grass is always greener, you should take a step back, it’s not all that bad.

That’s my interpretation of it. Get down to Camden and take a look. This one should be here for a while, it’s well protected from the weather and difficult to reach without a boat.

That is, until Robbo reclaims it for himself.

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