Somewhere: Review

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The first film I saw of 2011 was ‘Somewhere’ by Sofia Coppolla.It’s about an actor called Johnny Marco, played by Stephen Dorff and offers a personal insight into the lives of actors of this stature.

Think Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis. Great actors in their own right but put them in a press conference and ask them clich├ęd questions like ‘Who is Johnny Marco?’ and you pay more attention to the monotonous aspects of their lives instead of all the glitz and the glamour. And who better to tell this side of Hollywood than Sofia Coppolla who is the daughter of The Godfather and Apocalypse Now Director, Francis Ford?

Then, enter Johnny Marco’s estranged ex-wife and 11 year old daughter played excellently by Elle Fanning. You then get an insight into the difficulty that stars can have with their kin due to the rigours of their career.If you liked Lost In Translation, you will love this film. It’s quite detracted from a main plot so this film is definitely not for everyone but if you’re a fan of Sofia Coppolla then this is definitely for you.


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