Is Squiz Suite the answer?

Squiz Matrix

MySource Matrix has been slowly but steadily building up steam over the past few years and Squiz, the creators of the popular open source Content Management System recently announced a new era in it’s development.The Squiz Suite will launch in November 2010 and will contain a multitude of tools to offer a complete solution for enterprises.The new suite consists of:

  • Squiz Matrix
  • Squiz CMS
  • Squiz Analytics
  • Squiz Search

What? No Mysource Matrix? No MySource Mini? Surely these are hallmark features of any new system from the developers over at Squiz labs?Don’t worry people, they’ve been rebranded.

  • Squiz Matrix = MySource Matrix
  • Squiz CMS – MySource Mini

Oh yeah, and Funnelback is now Squiz Search. The last piece of the puzzle is an analytics suite. Again, I hear you cry, “what’s the point? I use Google Analytics”, well don’t worry, it is being designed to integrate with your favourite analytics tool.I’m really excited about the idea of an integrated suite of MySource, sorry, Squiz integrated tools. But the challenge will come from marketing the new name effectively in order to gain notoriety, not only throughout the industry but in the wider public domain.Also, if we’re dishing out requests before the launch in November, a quick and simple installation guide would do nicely!Read more about the developments on the Squiz Labs blog here

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