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It’s been a while since my last blog post, too long in fact.But I have an excuse! I do most of my blogging when I’m on the Tube. On those days when it’s so cramped, you can’t actually hold the Evening Standard infront of your face, what better way to fend off the stench of body odour than to use your iPhone as a shield and get lost in some pointless blogging.That was the case, until I upgraded to WordPress 3.0. I’d been eagerly awaiting this because I’d had some problems with my installation of 2.9.2.

My entire widgets screen wouldn’t render correctly. But, instead of causing a fuss, I patiently waited for 3.0 to come out. The promise of custom content types lured me in.I exported my old installation into an xml file, then reimported into a shiny new 3.0 interface. Yes, I could have ‘upgraded automatically’. If only that function had worked!? I’m sure it has worked for many people, but for me, it just got stuck at:…unpacking the update…Apologies go out to the users who had actually signed up to subscribe to this blog, unfortunately, your records got lost in the fray. I’ll just have to write some better stuff and plead for you to come back! Anyway, the real drawback came when I tried to log-in from my newly upgraded iPhone App. I could log in to my comments fine, but every time I tried to connect to my posts, I received an ‘Internal Server Error’.This had racked my brains for ages. Nothing wrong with my XMLRPC settings. Is it the XMLRPC.php file? Is it the php.ini file? Is it my ht.access file? Could it be the App or the 3.0 upgrade has a few bugs!?A quick trawl around the internet and I didn’t find many people with the same problem. But today, I’ve solved it (well, for me anyway).

I disabled my plug-ins and discovered that everything worked correctly. Then I turned them on one by one and found the culprit. Just by having the WordPress Importer activated (which is offered as standard by WordPress as part of the installation), meant I couldn’t access my posts via the App.Hopefully this will help more of you out there and I’m not alone with this problem.UPDATE:After completing this post, I realised a further error. In order to sign in on the iPhone App, I had to turn all of my plug-ins off, sign in, then turn them on again. Therefore, the WordPress Importer may not be the flux of the problem, but just plugins themselves.If there’s a lesson to be learnt, keep your wordpress installation maintained and never change anything in terms of the app!

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