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So, having just spent the morning wandering around Internet World at Earls Court in London, it has opened my eyes to quite alot in the world of the web.Before you entered the arena, you had to get past the Rackspace – ‘no more servers’ demo. But having to wait for my team for 20 mins, it grew increasingly annoying and made me determined to have an in-house server just to spite them.

On entering the exhibition floor you are immediately confronted with some major companies including multinationals that smaller startups will have difficulty competing with.

Our first stop was at Imano who lured us in with a demo of the iPad. We spoke at length about Apps and were stunned with an extortionate quote for an Augmented Reality app! The startled look on our faces ensured Imano that it was way over our budget and why would we need an AR app anyway? That set the tone for the rest of the exhibition, find out exactly what you need, and then we’ll be on the track for a more accurate quote.It had to be said that once you skipped past the huge agencies lining that front row, there were some really interesting startups hiding in the back. That is the beauty in these kind of events.

You have to search for the hidden gems. That we did and we ended up with a whole range of quotes for apps that started at a tiny base rate and ended up with Imano’s quote.Apps weren’t the only thing on my agenda though as I attended a talk by Theresa Regli of CMS Watch. It was a very informative talk, especially as I have had less experience with CMS as the rest of the sold out auditorium. The CMS Watch Vendor Tube Map was available for free and it was expertly analysed by Theresa who obviously has a deep an varied knowledge on all things content management.

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