IE6: The Demise

A couple of weeks ago I tweeted “just finishing another website, is it still too early to disregard IE6”.It seems that for once, I hadn’t spoken too soon.First Google, then YouTube announced the end of supporting arguably the worst browser of all time. Had I pre-empted this massive switch off?

Probably not, I’ve been moaning about IE6 for a number of years, as has the rest of the web development community.But now the time has truly come to rid the world of this old cumbersome beast. The only bad point is that with a full scale TV advertising campaign in full swing, it may only increase IE8’s market share. (Cue annoying fanfare – 7 second demos).

Although, the latest update for Windows 7 has led to a 25% increase in Opera users. Let’s hope it’s having a similar effect with Firefox and Chrome! Can you imagine? A lovely world of web standards and accessible content!For now, let’s reflect on the time we’ve spent writing conditional css just trying to get that box model to work in order for our client to be happy.Never more will we hear this phrase:”Is that supposed to be there?”No it’s bloody not, but it’s not my fault, blame Bill Gates!

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