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Coast Studios are currently working on the migration of the brand new Westminster University website from their old CMS, Immediacy, to MySource Matrix.Coast was won over by this CMS system instantly due to it being open source but having spent a week training on it and having a play about, the functionality of it all is just overwhelming. Is it just open source projects in general that tend to include everything that you need. MySource Matrix is so extensive that after a week, we have only just touched the surface.There will be a lot more to write about this CMS in the coming weeks so watch this space.

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  1. Been there, done that on

    Hate to break it to you however the non-gpl version is not open source, it is proprietary. You need to read the fine print before continuing.

    • AJS on

      Interesting – I am only sampling it at the moment via a company who are using it legitimately. What kind of proprietary license is it? Do you know the rough costs involved?


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