Why Leg3nd?

You may notice that I use the tag Leg3nd throughout different websites and social networks.

I’ve had the typical comments before:

“Do you think you’re a legend?”

“You think quite a bit of yourself don’t you?”


“what is that supposed to mean?”

But, in reality, the reason is a lot simpler than that, it’s named after my favourite computer game. I anticipate the release of every Zelda game, buy it on release day and play each game until it’s completed. If I was a contestant on Mastermind, The Legend of Zelda would be my chosen subject.

Everything about it is amazing. It’s the archetypal story of an unsuspecting hero who goes on a quest from his village and saves the mythical world of Hyrule from the evil clutches of Ganondorf.

OK, so it’s not for everyone, but it follows similar story lines to Lord of the Rings and Star Wars you can’t argue with the popularity of those franchises.

Image courtesy of thinkdocreate.com