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Has Facebook Places failed already?

Location based social networking is surely the breakthrough of 2010 with the likes of Foursquare and Gowalla competing for most of the previous year. Facebook Places arrived late onto the scene and, as a result, has not run entirely to plan.

First we had the statement on launch night from Mark Zuckerberg himself that the usefulness of ‘checking in’ at locations via Facebook would allow users to find their friends in the real world.

Come on, we all know the real reason is:

UCAS Social Media

Social networkingCoast Design attended the UCAS Social Media conference on Monday 18 October at the Russell Hotel. The whole day showed the importance of using these tools in the real world and the underlying message was “you just can’t afford to ignore social networks”.

This point is especially true within the education sector, the 16-25 age group is the key demographic for use of social networks so it bodes the question – why are Universities and HEIs so afraid of implementing a social media strategy as part of their communications?

Will Ping kill the competition?

As soon as Apple made their string of announcements on 1st September 2010, I was straight onto iTunes trying to download the update. After a few hours of re-downloading iTunes 9, I managed to get the 10.0 update.I quickly set up my account and I was away.

Sometimes though, jumping the gun can have it’s pitfalls. There was no one there.What is this? Google Wave?Ah, Rick Rubin, I see you are on Ping, a quick follow and I received some very random musical preferences on my profile stream. Great, who else should I follow? Hmm… that looks good, recommendations based on your musical tastes and people you follow. Great! Who’s on there?

Will Facebook stop at nothing to take over the world?

The continued growth of Facebook resulted in the 500 millionth user recently and the exponential advances made have great cause for concern throughout the industry.The expansion into geolocation with Facebook Places will essentially kill off all competition.

Foursquare, Gowalla et al should be quaking in their boots and they had better employ an offensive strategy against Facebook or they will become the next Friendster. Facebook has killed off a lot of competition but a lot of the time they have been better than the competition.

This time, they are edging in on their competitiors turf and they are now too strong to be defeated. The threat posed by Foursquare and Gowalla was recognised late, but unfortunately, with so many more active users and just the ease of checking in on Facebook instead of switching applications, should see the decline of the current geolocation apps.This is just another example of why, in the web design world, we should all be afraid of what is happening at Facebook.

Über Geek to Über Chic

I’ve been a fan of Michael Cera films since I saw Superbad at the cinema. At that time, I was unaware of Arrested Development because it wasn’t played on heavy rotation on main stream channels in the UK.Superbad came straight out of left field and spawned a string of films making legends of Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Bill Hader (@haderonline), Christopher Mintz-Platsse (@MintzPlasse) and of course, Michael Cera (@Michael_Cera).But, I always thought that the my love for the underdog style of comedy that Michael Cera seems to easily invoke was mine alone. Obviously, that comedy would strike a chord with the dissaffected youth but the range of diversity on show at the premier of his latest leading role begged to differ.I popped along to Leicester Square to catch a glimpse of the cast of Scott Pilgrim Vs the World, not only for the leading man but because I also admire Edgar Wright (@edgarwright).

Social media integration – where do we draw the line?

As new projects arrive in the inbox of Coast Design, the protocol of creating new and redesigning existing websites is continually evolving.Of course, the pre-production process is still consistent with the mapping of the site, user journeys and wireframing.

The post-production process Coast follows includes important areas such as validation, accessibility, integration of analytics packages and testing.But the implementation of new sites can raise important questions when it comes to integrating social media. These methods are growing in importance and are vital for major brands but where do you draw the line? Will clients learn to adapt to social media? If they are willing to engage in social media and networking, what techniques do you push first?

Blippy, why?

The launch of Blippy raised a few questions recently. 1 – is there room for another realtime social network? 2 – Is this an indication of how comfortable or näive society is with registering their financial details with a new social media start up? But the underlying factor is ‘what’s in it for me?’At present, it looks like most posts are apps from iTunes but you are able to link it to sites such as Amazon. Do I really want the world to know that I may have bought a 50″ TV from Amazon?If you have a facebook profile, and lets face it, who doesn’t Do you post up your holiday pics or your status updates to say that you are going away?Before you know it, those ‘friends’ you have on facebook will know where you live, when you are away from the said address and what you own! You will be ripe for the picking.Now this may seem like an extreme version of events but the BBC’s Virtual Revolution recently stated that out of your few hundred facebook friends, you actually interact with less than 10! Suddenly the scenario seems that much more feasible.The fact remains though, what’s in it for me? Will online checkouts soon have the option for a discount if you offer them exposure by broadcasting your purchases to Blippy? If so, the consumer will have to weigh up the discount vs the cost of broadcasting this information.Perhaps though, in an age where identity fraud is rife, people are being a bit too blasè with the importance of thei information.I’m not saying that Blippy will fail, if it offers integration to fellow networks like Twitter and Buzz, then it will succeed. I am just stressing the importance of what information we should share.If I broadcast that ‘i like Nutella on my toast’, I don’t care if no one listens. If I broadcast that I’ve bought a new iMac, there may be repurcussions beyond belief.