Squiz Matrix

Squiz Matrix is an enterprise level Content Management System (CMS) that was born in Australia and has slowly crept around the world to the UK. It is very popular for public sector websites because it’s open source and therefore cheaper than other systems of the same scale.

I’ve been using Squiz Matrix extensively since 2009 back when it was called MySource Matrix. The system has evolved and the parent company, Squiz, have developed a range of tools that can be used as stand alone systems or in conjunction with each other.

The system is highly dynamic because it’s based on the idea of assets. Every ‘asset’ that’s uploaded to the system, be it an image or a style sheet, is assigned a unique ID. Move pages around, and the web path is generated on the fly so you never encounter broken links.

They key to Squiz Matrix is the asset list. It can be used and manipulated in many different ways to output a range of assets. They can range from image slideshows, random assets or news feeds.

The main project I’ve used Squiz Matrix on is the University of Westminster’s website although I plan to develop my own installation in order to produce enterprise level websites for commercial use.