Coding HTML is in my blood and moving onto HTML5 is an exciting proposition. After achieving a Distinction in City and Guilds Web Design levels I and II at Colchester Institute, I refined my knowledge of HTML by learning (X)HTML.

The use of web standards is important for accessibility and having worked at a University, the accessibility of our web sites and online communications is a necessity.

The progression to HTML5 is great and I can’t wait to experiment with the new tags before committing them to memory. There are still a few creases that need ironing out but as long as we use fallback code, there’s no reason why we can’t include the glorious new doc type that is simply labelled ‘html’.

Admittedly some of the world is still using old versions of Internet Explorer but with the growing prominence of Chrome and the move to mobile browsers, there are already many HTML5 compatible browsers out there.

Needless to say, all of my online projects cover elements of HTML and you can browse them at your leisure.

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