Google, like Facebook needs no introduction.

It is an indispensable weapon in the arsenal of any web marketer. The options of using Google are endless.

Google AdWords

I employ Google AdWords to provide Pay Per Click advertising for clients. This is the opposite of Facebook’s ad system by specifically targeting users based on their search queries. I continually maintain Google AdWords campaigns for multiple clients as well as personal projects.

During 2011 I achieved Google Accreditation for AdWords and specialise in Search and Display advertising.

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Google Analytics

Another essential part of web design is being able to assess the performance and usability of your website. The Google Analytics tracking code is always the first part of any website that’s committed to the text editor.

Google Web Fonts

The move to HTML5 and CSS3 will help the development of custom fonts and Google are a main part of this movement. The project is in full flow and I’ve been employing bespoke fonts on websites since 2010.

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Google Apps

Google Apps are the business arm of the range of products that Google offer. I push the use of Google Apps where possible because it’s cheaper and more efficient than the old model of Microsoft Office.

They have completely rethought the strategy behind Google Docs and it has less reliance on email.