Facebook needs no introduction to anyone. If you’re serious about web design, online marketing and digital strategy, you need to be on Facebook in order to be able to market your clients to the nearly 1 billion users out there.

I’ve used Facebook in order to create hyper targeted marketing campaigns for a range of products and services. The ad system will allow you to drill down your customer base to define the exact customer for your product. You can then serve a range of ads and tweak them in order to improve your click through rate.

The ads can be extended to market a bespoke Facebook page that in turn, can be extended to offer bespoke pages enabling you to extract valuable customer data.

In addition, the Facebook system can be integrated within websites to extend the functionality there as well. For example, the commenting system on a blog can be replaced with the official Facebook commenting system.

My experience with Facebook includes creating bespoke apps, pages and managing online communities including the University of Westminster Facebook community that grew at a rate of 1000 a month during 2011.

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