Destiny: Check


Friday 25th March, I became a man.

Long gone are the days when I used to queue at midnight for the latest Nintendo console (2001-Gamecube, 2005-Wii).

For as I strolled through the west end of London following the Foursquare London meetup at Waxy’s, I wasn’t going to join the hordes of Nintendo Fanboys awaiting the launch o the 3DS.

I was gearing up for a much more important launch.


I was releases from the office at noon to go and sit in the heat of Hanover Street.

As I reached the queue, I stood for a few minutes, then realising that I wouldn’t move for the foreseeable future, I got comfortable.

The Apple staff were top notch and were repeatedly filling us up with water. Then as 5pm neared, they informed us of what was to happen.

In total, it took 6hours from entering the queue to getting the most sought after device of 2011.

Let’s hope it’s worth it.

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